It’s decision time…

If you’re still wondering whether to get involved in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies… please don’t delay any longer.

The crypto revolution is happening right now. 

And you need to decide which side of history you want to be on.

Most people will be just spectators – crypto tourists – who will play it safe, sit on the sidelines and watch the whole thing unfold from a distance…

And on the other side are the crypto profiteers who embrace this revolutionary new technology from the start…

Yes, like any great adventure, there will be dangers and challenges along the way… but there will also be the spoils of victory.

And the financial rewards, for ordinary investors and traders like you and me, have the potential to be genuinely life-changing.

I know which side I’m joining.

And if you’re reading this with an open mind, then I hope I can persuade you to join me.

Look, I am no expert when it comes to Bitcoin or cryptos.

But through my contacts, I’ve managed to single out just a handful of people who genuinely know what they are doing.

Sam Volkering is one of them.

He’s one of the senior editors at Southbank Investment Research. Just last week I was over at their offices and met Sam for the first time.

He’s one smart cookie.

And he’s not just jumping on the crypto trend. Sam has been immersed in the world of cryptocurrencies for 5 years.

So when I discovered he’d written a book on cryptos, I grabbed a copy.

By the time I’d read the first
chapter I was on a high! 

Sam managed to sum up in a few hundred words the truly world changing impact of the whole blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency phenomena.

More, he managed to communicate how this is an opportunity that is open to all of us – no matter what our background or circumstances.

It’s such an inspiring rally call, I had to share Sam’s word with you.

After a bit of sweet talking his publisher, I got permission to reproduce that incredible first chapter just for you.

All I ask is you read it with an open mind… and if you are as energised and excited by this opportunity as I am, I have some very exciting news to share with you in the next few days.

But all that’s for later…

Over to Sam…

Mania. Hysteria. Chaos. Confusion. Turmoil.

The end of the world as we know it.

The world you live in today has never been as tense, as volatile, as scary or as pessimistic in any time prior.

Every night on the news you hear of terror attacks, bombings, death, destruction and the erosion of your free world.

Countries are turning away from each other and into themselves.

Globalisation is giving way to isolationism and nationalism.

We’re more politically correct than ever before.

We must not offend.

We must not step outside the ‘norm’.

We must abide by what our elected officials deem are the rules of the game…except those rules are tilted to their favour and not the average person who just wants to make their way in the world.

Meanwhile the ‘establishment’ continues to grow in power and wealth.

They pay less tax than you.

They break the rules more than you — but get away with nothing more than a slap on the wrists, if they even get caught.

They gather the wealth of the world more than you.

They built the game and the game rewards them handsomely.

But what has the game ever done for you?

While the rich get richer, the power brokers get more power, where does that leave someone like you?

Think about it.

When have you ever seen tangible benefit from the financial system that’s built around you?

  • Do you still toil away nine-to-five to put food on the table, pay the mortgage and enjoy a semblance of a fun and happy life?
  • Do you bust your back to try and get ahead in the world, all the while seemingly having a huge chunk of your wealth taken away by the government, the actions of erroneous fund managers, bankers and the welfare state?
  • Money that you’ll never see a penny of?

You only need to answer yes to just one of those questions to be in a position that, at the end of this book, might be radically different.

Right now, you are sitting through the most significant revolution in finance, economics, investment, wealth and social architecture in the history of the world.

You’re alive at a moment in time that we’ll likely never see again.

A once-in-a-lifetime situation, when everything the establishment has built to benefit themselves comes crashing down around them.

But this isn’t some almighty global financial crisis (although that might be a factor).

This isn’t a situation where you should worry, be scared or feel under threat.

In fact, quite the opposite.

This is an opportunity where the average person, someone like you, has a chance to get involved in a revolution of wealth and finance that destroys the traditional conventions of wealth, investment, savings and even the very definition of money, currency and power.

You’re alive at the beginning of the ‘crypto-revolution’.

The birth and growth of the cryptoeconomy, cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets, digital assets — the biggest technological advancement since the internet.

You’re alive in a time of incredible opportunity, optimism and an environment for growth that you’ll probably never see again or have another chance to capitalise from.

Today is the time when you can take a chance, roll the dice.

Be smart, shrewd and focused on the enormity of opportunity in front of you.

Today is the day you immerse yourself in all things ‘crypto’ and open your life, wealth and future to the possibilities that the establishment doesn’t see, doesn’t understand.

And when they wake up to it, they will be petrified of it.

Today is your chance to ‘stick it to the man’.

To stick it to the establishment.

Today is the day you make a choice.

It’s a simple choice.

And it’s a choice you’ll never get again.

If you’re not prepared to open your mind to the potential in the world of crypto, then close up now.

Burn this book, or delete it if you’re reading a digital copy, and best of luck to you.

Have fun trying your best but never being able to beat the elites at their own game.

Have fun trying to build wealth and exist in a financial system that’s designed for you to fight with one hand tied behind your back while others play with entire teams of the world’s best.

Or are you with me?

Are you on board for what I believe will be the most exciting, exhilarating, risky and incredible ride you’ll ever take in your financial life?

Are you ready to consider your future, taking a punt on something new, breakthrough, revolutionary?

And give yourself a chance to create a fortune that you would never have seen otherwise?

And I’m not just talking about a good chunk of money.

If this is as transformational and revolutionary as I predict, then we’re talking about generational wealth.

Wealth that could stand the test of time for centuries to come.

If you’re ready for that journey, then buckle up.

This is the beginning of something incredibly new and exciting.

Something that’s never existed before, and should be seen in its own right for what it is — not in direct comparison to the ‘traditional’ concepts you might already know of.

I’m here to open your mind to the potential on offer should you embrace and immerse yourself in the world of crypto.

To open your world to the revolution taking place.

To educate you, make it simple for you, ease you into a world that you’re unfamiliar with, maybe a little scared of and definitely interested about.

And by the end of it all if you’re not absolutely convinced that there’s an opportunity here for you, that’s fine.

Not everyone will see the opportunity.

But if you get even just one thing from all this, let it be the opening of the gate to a path that leads you into the world of crypto.

This could be the smartest and best value financial purchase you’ll ever make.

So let’s go!

Wow – I told you it was quite a chapter!

If you feel as inspired and excited as I was after reading that first chapter, then I’ve got some very exciting news to share with you tomorrow…