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You and I have some common goals.

We both want to know more about the markets.

And we want to make money from them. That’s why we’re here, isn’t it?

So, let me ask you this…

What do you think has been the best way to make money this year? I mean which market has handed out the biggest rewards?

No need to think too hard about it.

Just your gut instinct – from what you’ve read or heard.

If we swapped places and you asked me, I wouldn’t hesitate.


You know: bitcoin, Ethereum and the 1,100 or so other cryptocurrencies.

The world’s hottest market 

Without a doubt. The cryptocurrency space is the hottest market around. It has been for the past year for sure.

Nothing else has come close for speculators looking to make big profits from the financial markets.

I mean in which other asset class could you have made 518% returns since 1stJanuary this year… turning £500 into £3,090?

And that’s just in bitcoin, the most ‘mature’ of the cryptocurrencies. Another major player, Ethereum, went up a staggering 5,080% (50 times your money!) from the start of the year to the high-point in June.

Ripple’s been even better, rocketing 6,026% from 1st Jan to the peak.

See what I mean? Where else do you see moves like that!

And as far as I can see, there’s nothing to stop these kinds of remarkable returns continuing in the future.

In fact, there could be even bigger gains to come, as I’ll explain in a minute.

But here’s what’s strange about all of this…

Crypto isn’t mainstream… yet 

Despite all those astronomical gains from cryptos, it’s still a pretty niche form of investing. The wider public haven’t gotten involved in large numbers.

Hardly anyone I know has a stake in this market.

There’s just one member of my family who owns any bitcoins. (To his regret, he’s down to a handful, after selling some back in August at around $3,000 a piece… just before it took off again! It’s currently nudging $6,000!)

As for friends, just a few people I know have any money into cryptos. Most don’t know anything about them… let alone invest in them.

I don’t know if that rings true in your experience. But from what I’ve read it’s typical. The number of people who use cryptos is still very small.

There was a study put together by some guys at Cambridge University which tells the story.

It’s difficult to put an exact number on it. But the report estimates that worldwide there are between 2.9 million and 5.8 million unique users actively using a cryptocurrency wallet. (That’s a secure digital wallet that you need to trade cryptocurrencies.)

Now that report was from back in May. I couldn’t find more up-to-date figures, but the number is bound to be more by now.

Still, even if we call it 10 million, it’s tiny as a percentage of the worldwide population who could trade cryptos if they knew about them and wanted to.

I mean, in the US alone there are 54 million stock market investors, according to a report from research firm, Aite Group.

Fact is, this isn’t mainstream yet. Crypto traders are a small group.

But they’re the ones making the big bucks.

And from what I’ve heard, there’s plenty more potential upside in the pipeline.

That’s certainly likely over the long term.

Bubble talking 

I say the long term for a good reason.

There’s plenty of talk about bitcoin and the whole crypto space being in a bubble. By that they mean that the price surge isn’t justified and can’t be sustained.

They believe it’s hysterical, manic market behaviour. And even that there’s no future for the technology: it’s just a fad.

The bubble will burst, they say.

I disagree.

I mean, I can see how it could happen. But I’d expect that to be when far more people are involved.

When it goes mainstream and everyone in the queue at the supermarket checkout is talking cryptos. That’s a long time off yet.

Will there be volatility? Sure, we’ll get pull-backs in the price of cryptos. That’s markets for you!

As for the accusation about bitcoin and cryptos being a fad, I don’t buy that either…

Birth of a financial disruptor 

The thing about cryptocurrencies is that they represent a massive disruption to the financial system.

If you don’t know the story, it’s worth a quick recap.

You probably know, it all started with bitcoin. The original digital currency or crypto. It’s the one crypto your friends and family are most likely to have heard of (if any!)

Bitcoin was created in 2009. In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis.

The system was broken. And it caused a hell of a lot of damage. People lost trust in the supposed guardians of the financial system, the banks.

They wanted something new. Something incorruptible. Enter bitcoin.

Do you know who created it?

No, neither do I! Nobody knows – at least not his real identity. That’s how the legend goes. We just know that he gave himself a made-up name, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Satoshi’s idea was to make a digital form of money that could be used throughout the world and owned by everyone. He described it as an “e-cash”.

And his vision was simple. As explained in Nathaniel Popper’s book, Digital Gold (well worth a read), Bitcoin was to be “a kind of cash that wouldn’t need a bank or any other third party to manage it”. 

Start of a revolution 

It’s a little hard to understand how it all works. But it’s down to something called the ‘blockchain’.

If you’ve read about bitcoin or cryptos at all, I’m sure you’ve come across that word. The blockchain is a kind of database.

A ‘block’ is a group of transactions.

Once a block is added to the chain, it’s there forever.

It can’t be deleted or altered, and it’s used to verify other future transactions.

The blockchain tracks and records all transactions made with bitcoin.

Such as buying goods or services or selling your bitcoins to someone else.

And it instantly checks and verifies that the person using the bitcoins owns them.

You can think of the blockchain as a public digital ledger of all transactions in a cryptocurrency network.

And the first crypto to use this blockchain technology was bitcoin.

That’s the short version!

There’s plenty of info around about the blockchain if you want to dig into it. I’m not going to do that here.

But the point is, it’s the foundation of this revolutionary technology that’s disrupting the financial system and making investors rich.

Bitcoin’s earliest adopters loved Satoshi’s claim that “users could own and trade Bitcoins without providing identifying information to any central authorities”.

So, bitcoin exists so people can have control over their own money… away from the meddling and prying of government.

And at its core is the idea that it cannot be controlled by any one person… or authority. It’s controlled and regulated by all its users.

You can use it to send and receive money securely over the internet. You can pay for things with it. And it won’t cost you anything to do those things.

Plenty of opportunity to profit from cryptos 

And what’s interesting for traders like you and I is that bitcoin’s value goes up and down like any other asset.

That means it’s tradable. We can look to profit from those moves.

Not just bitcoin.

OK, it’s the oldest and best-known crypto.

And if it keeps on hitting new all-time highs, it’s going to keep grabbing headlines in crypto and trading circles.

But there are now more than 1,100 cryptos.

And with the excitement over the blockchain and how it can be applied to new areas of the economy, we’re likely to see plenty of new cryptos coming to the market.

And as we’ve already seen, if the idea is good and it catches on, money will quickly rush into the right cryptos.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see more multi-digit percentage returns in the months ahead.

One thing is for sure – we can expect plenty more big moves ahead, both up and down!

And it’s exactly this kind of market volatility that makes cryptocurrencies the single most exciting trading opportunity of our times… perhaps in the history of financial markets.

Look, I know there have already been spectacular gains made in these markets. But there’s still plenty of opportunity for further gains.

You might have come across the term ‘fork’ or ‘hard fork’.

It’s when a cryptocurrency splits due to new code being introduced to make improvements to the blockchain.

And the most anticipated event now is something called Segwit2X, a hard fork that’s expected to happen on 16th November. It’s intended to allow faster transactions on the bitcoin blockchain.

When it happens, there could be even greater volatility in the price of bitcoin. What we’ve seen from previous forks is that they run smoothly. Bitcoin has so far shrugged them off… and continued marching higher.

All-time highs in the crosshairs 

Right now, bitcoin has its previous all-time high around $6,151 in its sights.

If it breaks through that level, we’re probably going to get another big surge higher. And that could light a fire under all the other cryptos and send their prices higher too.

Exciting times!

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